Seven Things You Must Do On Your Next Mountain Town Vacation

It’s pretty interesting to see how people tend to make their minds up when they hear certain combinations of words. This is most certainly the case when people hear the words ‘mountain town’.

When those two words come together, you can almost hear the collective assumptions of hunting & field-dressing one’s own dinner with a sharp rock or possibly wearing fringed leather clothing made from previous hunts. Images of gruff beards & domesticated grizzly bears pop into our heads, and it’s here where the insanity just has to stop.

It’s easy to think that a mountain town means all of those things, but it doesn’t. In fact, when you think about the times you hear people discussing their plans for skiing and snowboarding, they are traveling to mountain towns, though you rarely hear them described as such. What’s more, mountain towns are perhaps best seen as the perfect combination of progress and tradition, which makes for an interesting reason to travel to these little gems.

As you make plans to head to a mountain town, be sure to keep these seven things in mind as absolute “to-dos”:

Go Outside – Yes, it’s that simple. Get out of your room, and enjoy the world free from all of the hubbub that clutters up your world. It’s rare that you have the chance to enjoy crisp mountain air. Dig the feel of the terrain under your feet. Hike a little. Just get out there.

Go Fishing – Maybe there was a time when you were a kid & the world slowed down enough for you to just cast a line out into a cool river while you enjoyed the sounds of nature. It’s time to experience that yet again.

Skiing and Snowboarding – If you’re lucky & head to a more peaceful mountain town with less foot traffic, you may actually have less crowds on the slopes, so what better time to grab a skiing lesson or shred some serious snow?

Try New Things – Maybe you’ve never taken a ski lift. Perhaps you’ve never had the chance to use your hiking boots for hiking instead of as just fashion statements. A mountain town gives you a number of cool, new things to try, so just keep in mind that as long as you’ve not done it, it might be worth checking out.

Go Local – Walk around the town you’re in & interact with the residents. Check out the local grocery store for some essentials. Maybe check out a farmers market. Buy local goods and crafts.

Day-trips – No doubt that you’re close to other great little towns with their own wonder & magic. Find a way to go out & explore what they have to offer. Take advantage of unique museums and even area art galleries featuring artists you’ll not see anywhere else in the country.

Enjoy the Entire Day – This is crucial, but it is really important for you to enjoy the whole day from morning to evening. Watch the sunrise & sunset, and in-between, enjoy a cup of coffee while you take in some morning air. Move around the town, find a go-to place for a solid lunch, and as you head out refreshed, make a note to head out later to check out some live music or some fine dining.

A mountain town may be just what you need to break away from norm. Who knows? You may just learn a thing or two about what a mountain town is all about.

Top 5 Romantic Getaways in Europe

When it comes to romantic travel, we often think of a sunny day in some European city and admirable surroundings, featuring the fabulous history, culture, art, lifestyle and exquisite shopping scene. However, when it comes to traveling with the love of your life, we often can’t think of which place can it be to give you and the love of your life a dreamy experience of traveling with loads of soothing moments and delightful mood. To give those people a direction and offer the most picturesque inspiration to go on for a romantic getaway, we give you a list of the best of the best romantic destinations in the Europe that will definitely set your mood and give you a heavenly experience of traveling as a couple:

1. Amsterdam

The Dutch capital have always been among the most stunning places in the Europe to cater students, solo travelers, family vacationers and group trips. However, people have rarely perceived Amsterdam as a destination for couple. Featuring the picturesque canals, mind-blowing historical sites and spellbinding natural bliss scattered all over the city, there is nothing else required to give you a perfect romantic getaway. Needless to say, the safe surroundings and vibrant range of attractions and activities will give you the most remarkable experience of visiting a European city.

2. Venice

As we are on the topic of canals, which city is there that can beat the charm and beauty of Italian marvel Venice? The thriving getaway option, prominently visited by the couples on their honeymoon, Venice have been enlisted in many magazines and surveys as one of the most romantic getaway options in the Europe as well as the rest of the world. With its scenic canal boat rides and marvelous range of Gothic and medieval architectures, Venice is capable to set mood for anyone and offer the most scenic experience of voyaging across the Europe especially when you are holding the hands of your lifeline and savoring on every delight this Italian city has to offer.

3. Crete

For couples who fond of beaches more than anything and can have the best time at the sandy shores whilst admiring the scenic hues of the horizon, Crete can be one of the most fabulous delights to savor on. A picturesque island, stretched on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Crete features the most outstanding diversity of natural landscapes including the superlative sandy shores with palm trees on the boardwalk whilst the backdrop of the mainland is showing-off the sky-piercing Mount Ida. With its fame that starts from the peak of the Mount Ida and goes from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy the sight of Ideon Caves that will give you the entire picture of skies, oceans and world beneath the surface.

4. Santorini

The Greek cities have always been a popular getaway option for couples especially when they are planning for their honeymoon in the Europe. However, Santorini is among a few destinations in the Greece that is famous among not only the newlywed couples, but also for the love birds who have been facing all the highs and lows of the life for a long time. The spellbinding view of sunset from the highlands of the Santorini is sufficient to give you a dreamy experience and enjoy your romantic getaway to the fullest without being worried about the surroundings. The awesome hospitality of the Santorini have been quite popular these days and can offer you a stay filled with loads of pampering and delighting experiences.

5. Paris

Any list about the romantic places can never be completed without mentioning the city of romance Paris. Often perceived as the most expensive city to travel, Paris is truly a magical experience for romantic couples where at one side, the Eiffel Tower is piercing the sky, the other side is filled with an enormous amount of creativity, dreamy settings, parks, fine dining options, exquisite heritage sites and impeccable lifestyle. For those who have crossed Paris from their travel bucket list just in the impression of being expensive can enjoy their heart out by just planning a little ahead and budgeting their entire trip with some healthy travel tips to save money in Paris such as eating in a decent restaurant, not emphasizing on expensive shopping of wine and more.

Although, there can be dozens of other cities that may woo your heart with a simple glimpse, but if you are looking forward for a getaway that consist of loads of lovely moments to cherish for the rest of your life and spellbinding experiences to set your mood to enjoy the company of your love throughout your vacation in the Europe, you should probably consider the places we have enlisted above and ensure a joyful and romantic getaway with loads of fabulous treats and enthralling moments. In case, you think that European trips may cost you a fortune, you should find some reliable travel agency that can also offer you some offers on romantic travel and help you to save more with fewer worries of booking things individually.

5 Attractions of Vietnam

The scenery of Vietnam ranges from gorgeous, natural landscape, untouched islets, quaint villages, colonial structures, ancient citadels to war museums. Vietnam is an amazing fusion of natural highlights and cultural diversity. A country rich in history, you will be amazed with a colourful experience and unforgettable moments.

Hanoi: the frenetic capital

The historical cradle of the country and the cultural capital, Hanoi is a mesmerizing city, unique in its splendour. Hanoi is the place in you want to dive into Vietnamese city life. Amidst the panoramic tree-lined boulevards, travellers can stroll busy markets, sip coffee at quaint cafés, visit sites like the Presidential Palace, Saint Joseph Cathedral or Grand Opera House. Also, Hanoi is popular for numerous rivers, lakes and mountains. It is embellished with 18 beautiful lakes.

At the heart of Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta, “the river with nine dragons” is a must see step and the most welcoming region of Vietnam. It is one of the longest rivers in the world. Life takes place along the water, families of fishermen and small peasants live in perfect harmony with the river. Discover the ways of everyday Vietnamese life: agricultural work, fishing, markets, transport. Enjoy the calm of the rice fields by crisscrossing villages and breathing fresh air.

Dalat, the “little Paris”

Dalat is a mountain town famous for its vegetable and fruit cultivation: its strawberries and flowers, and its moderate climate. The architecture of Dalat is dominated by the French colonial style, and it is popular for honeymooners with fresh air, lush valley, and beautiful waterfalls. The old station is inspired by the station of Deauville, and one sees a radio antenna in the form of the Eiffel Tower. It is better to rent a scooter to make the city tour because Dalat is quite extensive and most of the attractions are outside the city.

Cruise on Halong Bay

A cruise is not to be forgotten during your trip in North Vietnam. Halong Bay is a landmark attraction in Vietnam, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. A total change in scenery, it is considered as the eighth wonder of the world. There are almost 1969 islands and islets emerging from an emerald sea. This idyllic bay has an extraordinary beauty with its mythical and sumptuous landscapes. Its caves are masterpieces of nature.


Trekking lovers will adore the nature of Sapa. Hike in the hills of Sapa for stunning views across the jungle and mountain ranges of north-west of Vietnam. The mountainous area is well-known for its terraced rice fields, breath-taking hilly landscapes and its biological diversity. Discover and explore the culture of the ethnic minorities. Stroll through the city to discover the colonial villas, the Mount Rong and the Cathedral. Visit the great market of Sapa where the ethnic groups of the mountains sell their products. The big market of ethnic minorities takes place on Saturday morning. It is best to take a guide to hike easily in the Muong Hoa Valley. Meet Hmong tribes, Khmer blacks and Giay.

Asia – Ultimate Travel Destination

Asia is the ultimate travel “destination”. There are 48 countries in Asia and regions with a population of 3.823 billion, accounting for 60.7% of the total world population. You will find the complete list of countries in Asia below.

Asia continent is difficult to define from the mountains to the Black Sea in the west, to the snow fields of Siberia in the east. From the nomadic steppes of Kazakhstan to the frenetic streets of Hanoi, Asia is a continent so full of intrigue, adventure, solace and spirituality that it has fixated and confounded travelers for centuries. Birthplaces of all ten of the world’s major religions:

Birthplaces of all ten of the world’s major religions: Bahai, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shintoism, Sikhism and Taoism.

The world’s highest point, Mount Everest, lies within Asia along the border of Tibet and Nepal soaring 8,848m (29,028 ft) above sea level. Its lowest point is the Dead Sea, located at the meeting points of Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan, whose surface is 400m (1,312 ft) below sea level.

Asia’s longest river is the Yangtze, which runs 6,300km (3,915 miles) through China, all the way from the high Tibetan Plateau to Shanghai. Its largest lake is the 386,400km² (149,200 square miles) the Caspian Sea, which is surrounded by several Central Asian nations.

As we see on the map of Asia continent below it is bounded by the Pacific-Ocean to the east, by Australia to the southeast, and by the Indian Ocean to the south. It’s bordered by the Red Sea to the southwest, by Europe and the Urals to the west, and by the Arctic Ocean to the north.

Travel options range widely, from the desert ruins and modern mega-malls of the Middle East to the magnificent ancient monuments in South Asia, and from the beach bungalows and jungle treks of Southeast Asia to the mega-cities and technology capitals of East Asia.

Asia offers very diverse travel options. There are ultra modern, largely democratic countries like Japan and the East Asian Tigers (regions and countries) of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea to Afghanistan, Laos and East Timor as you’ve seen above in the list of countries in Asia.

China and India which make wonderful travel destinations in themselves due to their long history, size, and diversity. Thailand is a magnet for travelers, with great food, a tropical climate, fascinating culture, and great beaches.traveller can explore southeast Asia backpacking.

These countries are more conveniently combined into one trip: Thailand + Cambodia. Start in Bangkok, then hit up northern Thailand for temples, trekking, and tours. Go back down and take a bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap in Cambodia. Vietnam + Cambodia. Begin in north Vietnam, visit Halong Bay, and work your way south.

Tips To Choose Some Amazing Places to Visit

If you are going to decide on the most amazing places to visit this year, your time and budget will play an important part in helping you make this decision. No matter what place you visit, we suggest that you follow the tips given below. These tips will help you choose some amazing places to visit.

Have an open mind

Have you heard about a beautiful place that you can’t pronounce the name of? Do you have no idea as to where the destination is? If so, don’t worry. You can find cheap flights to that destination with a little bit of Google search. This search will let you know if the place is safe to visit. You can also book tickets online. At times, you can have tons of fun at the destination that you don’t even know the name of.

Get creative

If you have decided to visit a place where the flights are expensive, we suggest that you go for an alternative. Let’s take Ljubljana once again. Flying directly to the place is expensive, but you can get there within two hours on a shuttle bus. So, you need to be a bit creative.

Check out the underdog

In every country of the world, you can find a “second city”, which is a lot cheaper than its capital city. So, you may want to visit the cheaper city instead of its most expensive city.

Be decisive

Once you have decided on a place to visit, go ahead and book a ticket for it as soon as you can. You don’t have to think about it for months since you don’t want to lose the opportunity.

Give a reason

Why is it that you want to visit a certain country? Do you want to have fun with your friends or you want to go somewhere to unwind? Whatever the reason may be, you may want to ask yourself why you have chosen a certain destination. You must have a reasonable reason for your choice.

Make safe choices

You may be adventures as far as choosing travel destinations is concerned. But keep in mind that you may want to make safe choices. In other words, you may want to choose a popular destination.

Go alone

If you are unable to find anyone to go on the trip with you, don’t be disappointed. If no one is ready to go with you, you should go alone. You will still have a lot of fun.

Visit a local place

Traveling doesn’t require you to choose a destination that is thousands of miles away from your residence. You may find a place around the corner as well. As a matter of fact, you will find some hidden gems in your backyard.


If you are on a tight budget, don’t cancel your seats. What you need to keep in mind even expensive countries can be visited on a budget. For instance, you can cook food on your own and use public transport to save money. All you have to do is be creative and you will have a lot of fun even on a tight budget.

So, you may want to keep these tips in mind before choosing some amazing places to visit.