Cities to Visit for Art’s Sake

If you’ve ever wanted to see famous paintings in person but have not, why not? Especially since domestic and international cities and their museums have never been so accessible. Whether you’re a seasoned art traveler or merely considering getting your feet wet, these destinations and their art will stir your imagination.

Seattle/Tacoma, USA

The Seattle Art Museum exhibits works by famous artists such as Renoir, Monet, Cézanne, van Gogh, and Degas. They boast a permanent home to the iconic “The Great Wave,” however, a famous Japanese woodblock print by artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849). Most know the print on sight if they cannot immediately name it. They house a permanent collection of other exceptional Asian art. Dale Chihuly fans will also swoon at these city’s extensive and amazing collections of his blown glass.

New York City

Any art lover is missing out if they never take a pilgrimage to the Capital of the World and its world-class museums. Whether it’s a tour of the Guggenheim, the Met, the MoMA, the Whitney or any other art house, a visitor to New York’s bastions of culture will be thrilled to see some of the world’s favorite and most famous paintings, sculptures, photographs, and architecture. For just one famous example, van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” is a permanent resident of The Met.


If Italy is your destination, visiting Florence and Rome is a must for art lovers. Roman highlights include Michelangelo’s masterpieces Moses, and the Sistine Chapel frescoes (Vatican City), the Pietà, among many others. His masterful sculpture David is located in Florence, as are his former resident Casa Buonarotti (also painted by the master) and Bacchus, a statue of the drunken god of wine, complete with grapes and a chalice.

Santa Fe

If you want to stay in North America but still experience an aura of old world charm and mysticism, Santa Fe is a magical place. The epitome of art culture, this little big city full of its own painters boasts an excellent museum dedicated solely to Georgia O’Keefe and her art. It is the largest collection of her work. There are well more than 275 other galleries, however, with local and foreign art to admire. No matter your taste, you’ll find it here.


Of course, if you want to stay in Canada, Toronto’s art is a must-see, and The Art Gallery of Ontario should be at the top of your places to visit. It includes Métis art from Christi Belcourt, including “The Wisdom of the Universe,” a colorful and iconic painting that world treasures along with Canada. Also in Toronto is more Chihuly glass throughout the city.


What art travel would be complete without a Parisian trip? The Louvre, Musée d’Orsay for the French impressionist masters, Centre Pompidou, and the Palace of Versailles are all within a short trip. You could see the legendary “Mona Lisa,” Monet’s water lilies, and “The Thinker,” among countless other famous works.

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