Seven Reasons Make Oman a Favourite Destination

If you looking for opportunities in the Middle East, Oman should be first on your list. You will feel at home here, since there is a large community of well established Indians present. The seven reasons which make Oman a favourite destination are described below:-

1. Beautiful landscape
Oman is an exquisitely beautiful country with a huge coastline containing spectacular beaches. It has the most beautiful landscape among all Gulf countries. The landscape is very diversified with deserts, beautiful coastlines, mountains and forests areas which is very unique. If you have a passion for adventure or water sports like scuba diving, sailing etc, then Oman could be ideal for you.

2. Simple visa process
As compared to Dubai or Saudi, Oman has a much simpler visa process for Indian nationals. If you have Indian qualifications, then you have to get your documents attested as per Certificate Attestation for Oman norms, which are very straightforward. You can take the assistance of the Oman Embassy authorities in India for attesting your birth, degree, experience etc certificates in this regard. They will help you willingly.

3. Tax free salaries
You are not liable to pay any income tax on your earnings in Oman. So, your stay in Oman will result in substantial savings.

4. Affordable cost of living
The cost of living in Oman is among the lowest in the Middle East. As compared to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, accommodation, health, schooling and transport facilities are much cheaper. One thing to note is that landlords usually charge two to three months advance unlike Dubai, where advance go upto one year. You will find all the shopping malls and international brands in Oman.

5. Alcohol consumption is allowed
Non Muslims are permitted to consume alcohol in licensed bars and restaurants with a valid license. This is a big advantage over countries like Saudi, where alcohol consumption is forbidden.

6. Education and Health facilities
If you are coming with your family, then you can be comfortably assured of excellent schooling facilities in Oman. The capital city Muscat has excellent Indian international schools which are following the same pattern of education like CBSE, ICSE as those in India. Also, unlike UAE, school admissions are easier to get due to less rush of expatriates. You will find many Indian teachers and other educational staff in schools. The other big advantage is that tuition fees are much lower, compared with Dubai. Oman has an excellent healthcare system for both its citizens and expatriates. There are outstanding hospitals equipped with the latest equipment. Many Indian doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel also work. Majority of employers in Oman provide mandatory health insurance to their expatriate staff.

7. Very safe environment
Generally, the crime rate in Oman is low due to the relative affluence of the native population, specially for women. Women can venture freely outside in the night. The law enforcement agencies are very efficient in Oman.

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