Enjoy Your Costa Rica Honeymoon or Romantic Trip

Could the fact that Costa Rica is the happiest place in the world according to the Happy Planet Index be the reason that so many people begin their married lives with honeymoons in this country? Or does this entice all couples who want to experience the best of romance in a natural setting? Both Money magazines and the New York Times highly recommend Costa Rica as the place to go. And the country has all the amenities to accommodate love: adults-only hotels and romantic or honeymoon packages proliferate but there are many activities available that are tailor-made for two people who only eyes for each other.

The Top 5 most romantic experiences in Costa Rica are:

1) Romantic dinner on the beach-Many hotels along the coast, from the super elegant Four Seasons in Papagayo Peninsula to Punta Islita and others offer secluded, catered dinners right at the oceanfront. Lovers dine on a specially created meal as the sea does its best serenade.

2) Couples massage-Certainly a lot of hotels offer massages for two, but nothing compares to Altos de Eros in Cañafistula, Guanacaste. High above the dry forest of Guanacaste, enjoy a dual massage in the open-air room looking out to the ocean. Afterwards, champagne and fresh fruit is served while indulging in the heated hydrotherapy pool and catching the sunset. A private dinner follows.

3) Hot Springs-In La Fortuna, the mineral springs are naturally heated by the famous Arenal Volcano. Hotels such as The Springs, Arenal Kioro, Tabacon, Arenal Springs and Los Lagos have these springs right on their property, and Nayara Springs gives its guests private pools with this healing water pumped in. Couples gaze into each other’s eyes as the hot water does its job of healing the skin and balancing the nervous system.

4) Boat ride-It may be a little pricey, but isn’t love worth it? Enjoy a private charted catamaran boat ride to a secluded beach, with onboard catering. Marlin Del Rey in Tamarindo and Papagayo offers this option. Or go even bigger and charter a yacht that explores all the Costa Rican shores. Yacht Charter Fleet offers a week in luxury with private crew to cater to all your needs from $150,000 to over $1 million.

5) Sunsets-Of course, there’s always the free romantic option available every day around 6 p.m. Arguably, the most beautiful sunsets in the world are found in Costa Rica. From the orange glow of cloudless skies, to the colorful palate displayed when it gets a little cloudy, no two sunsets are ever the same. In reality, this epitomizes the best of Costa Rica, and the blessing of nature inspires love and romance in every couple.

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