Seven Things You Must Do On Your Next Mountain Town Vacation

It’s pretty interesting to see how people tend to make their minds up when they hear certain combinations of words. This is most certainly the case when people hear the words ‘mountain town’.

When those two words come together, you can almost hear the collective assumptions of hunting & field-dressing one’s own dinner with a sharp rock or possibly wearing fringed leather clothing made from previous hunts. Images of gruff beards & domesticated grizzly bears pop into our heads, and it’s here where the insanity just has to stop.

It’s easy to think that a mountain town means all of those things, but it doesn’t. In fact, when you think about the times you hear people discussing their plans for skiing and snowboarding, they are traveling to mountain towns, though you rarely hear them described as such. What’s more, mountain towns are perhaps best seen as the perfect combination of progress and tradition, which makes for an interesting reason to travel to these little gems.

As you make plans to head to a mountain town, be sure to keep these seven things in mind as absolute “to-dos”:

Go Outside – Yes, it’s that simple. Get out of your room, and enjoy the world free from all of the hubbub that clutters up your world. It’s rare that you have the chance to enjoy crisp mountain air. Dig the feel of the terrain under your feet. Hike a little. Just get out there.

Go Fishing – Maybe there was a time when you were a kid & the world slowed down enough for you to just cast a line out into a cool river while you enjoyed the sounds of nature. It’s time to experience that yet again.

Skiing and Snowboarding – If you’re lucky & head to a more peaceful mountain town with less foot traffic, you may actually have less crowds on the slopes, so what better time to grab a skiing lesson or shred some serious snow?

Try New Things – Maybe you’ve never taken a ski lift. Perhaps you’ve never had the chance to use your hiking boots for hiking instead of as just fashion statements. A mountain town gives you a number of cool, new things to try, so just keep in mind that as long as you’ve not done it, it might be worth checking out.

Go Local – Walk around the town you’re in & interact with the residents. Check out the local grocery store for some essentials. Maybe check out a farmers market. Buy local goods and crafts.

Day-trips – No doubt that you’re close to other great little towns with their own wonder & magic. Find a way to go out & explore what they have to offer. Take advantage of unique museums and even area art galleries featuring artists you’ll not see anywhere else in the country.

Enjoy the Entire Day – This is crucial, but it is really important for you to enjoy the whole day from morning to evening. Watch the sunrise & sunset, and in-between, enjoy a cup of coffee while you take in some morning air. Move around the town, find a go-to place for a solid lunch, and as you head out refreshed, make a note to head out later to check out some live music or some fine dining.

A mountain town may be just what you need to break away from norm. Who knows? You may just learn a thing or two about what a mountain town is all about.

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